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Blanket & Swaddling

The Blanket & Swaddling Truth. 

Charming or not, new and seasoned parents alike may have heard that swaddling their young babies can be the key to possibly longer stretches of sleep with the right swaddle.

What is swaddling?

In its most basic form, swaddling involves wrapping the baby securely in a blanket so that only their head is peeking out. The rest of their body is adequately snug inside the blanket, which may help the youngest infants feel like they’re still inside the womb.

Babies in North America are swaddled in the first weeks of life. Shielding babies to sleep has been about since ancient times. And its impact on babies has been the new studied for a younger parent or more experience.

The key to a good swaddle is keeping it snug. Some studies call this a type of “motor restraint,” which is just a technical way of saying that it restricts a baby’s movements so they don’t set off their startle reflex.

This reflex is present at birth, lasts until between 12 weeks and 6 months of age, and causes the baby to startle with loud sounds or large movements. 

Another 2007 study trusted Specialist found that swaddling in the first few days after birth may result in breastfeeding delays and delayed recovery of fundamental baby weight loss, even among formula-fed babies. You’ll have an abundance of time for swaddling in the days and weeks to come.

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